and volunteers. 


The probability for achieving contact in this daring experiment…

(Daring?  Now we have Leo's attention!) 

… in this daring experiment is increasing as more documentation is amassed (literature, photographs, tapes, etc.).  At present, the location of our meeting is unknown.  I shall keep you informed.  Conditions may demand a network of congregations around the Earth, interlaced by AM radio and video.  The date 3/9/82 is chosen for its coincidence of remarkable celestial events, such as THE JUPITER EFFECT, being a rare moment when all of the Sun's planets are on the same side; the advent of the Aquarian Age; the temporary overlap of the orbits of Neptune and Pluto; the twelve-year interim between Kahoutek's and Halley's Comets - and the Full Moon.  The Chrononautic Society is a non-profit, open alliance of artists, scientists, occultists and other visionaries.  Its emblem is the Two-Headed Serpent, which symbolizes the Doctrine of Aborescence.  This speculative thesis states that Time is not quite linear, but branching - what crystallographers call a 'dendritic growth.'  This is not, however to imply that we are bound by any ideological dogma.  We heartily encourage all criticisms and suggestions.  Box #231 Phoenix, Maryland 211131, USA.  Unfortunately, we are not yet funded by Congress or backed up by the Rockefeller Foundation, so if you want a reply, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope. 

Richard Ellsberry, bless you!  You are my shining answer to all those who ask me, "Are Aquarians really as far out as you say they are?" to which I now answer with a resounding YES!  (Much further out, actually.)  I've completed a 'reality check' on this Water Bearer, and I assure you, he is perfectly serious.  He has personal affiliations and contacts with several erudite and quite respectable men of impressive scientific achievement, knowledge and reputation - along with a number of perceptive and precognitive, although as yet unsung, 'ordinary' Earthlings, such as yourself.  So all you Water Bearers out there who dream of a Time Machine - this is your moment for miracles.  Go forth!  Write to Richard and become space buddies in Tomorrow.  (Or Yesterday.  Same thing.  Remember your dendritic principles.) 

I had a couple of excellent reasons for making this Aquarius Time Machine information public.  First - I think it's a marvelous idea, because astrologically, astronomically and otherwise, the decade between 1982 and 1992
is going to contain a number of shocks (especially for the uninitiated) and it's best to be prepared.  Also, it allows us to ponder the Leo-Aquarius relationship.  I'm positive the Chrononautic Society is going to be inundated with as many requests for membership from Leos as from Aquarians.  It's the daringness of the idea that will appeal to the Big Cats, whose middle names are Courage.  Of course, you realise, I trust, that all Leo joiners will include in their résumés to the C.S.  their own personal ideas of how the entire 1982 reception for People From the Future in this very 'close encounter' should be organized and expedited.  Obviously, the Keynote Speaker at the 3/9/82 Close Encounter should be one who is qualified as the Leader of such a distinguished and vast cosmic undertaking of such obvious galactic importance.  Namely, a Leo.  After all, is it not, in part, timed to the rare moment when the SUN's planets are all on the same side - and is not the SUN itself the ruler of Leo?  What could be more appropriate?  Such a royal undertaking as the C.S. plans certainly can't be left to the bumbling and blundering of underlings and peasants.  Only nobility is equipped to shoulder the grave responsibility of an effort of this magnitude. 

That's more or less the attitude of any Lion or Lioness in dealing with Aquarian people and Aquarian projects of all shapes and sizes, whether major or minor - whether consisting of filling the sandbox for the kiddies, plotting an advertising or a political campaign, producing a film

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