him (or her) to handle anything.  One can see why these two Sun Signs are not the most reliable people on earth.  If you catch Libra when the Scales are perfectly balanced - fine!  If you catch Gemini when he or she has put one Twin to sleep and is displaying only the other for the moment - fine!  But most of the time, these two, or three, or four, make quite a crowd.  Despite the similarities in the natures of these two Air Signs, there are also a number of ways in which they veer off into different directions.  Like making decisions. 

Gemini decides quick as a flash, and that's it.  No regret, no anxiety, now waiting or wondering - action NOW.  Libra balances, weighs, judges, ponders, puzzles, assimilates, and postpones action till tomorrow - and sometimes tomorrow never comes.  To Gemini,
not making a decision can cause the race to be lost.  To Libra, making a decision can cause a terrible mistake, and Libra cannot, will not make a mistake.  It must be noted, however, that once the swift Mercury-ruled Gemini has decided, it may mean absolutely nothing.  There could be a change of mind and plans minutes later.  But once Libra has finally decided, after the delicate balancing act, he (or she) will normally stick by he decisions firmly, knowing there are no improvements to be made that haven't already been carefully weighed.  Libra is more cautious than Gemini.  While the Twins tend to cut ties hastily, Libra never believes in cutting what may be more prudently unraveled, thread by thread.  Why make a rash move, when you might subsequently be forced to retrace your steps through the discovery of a failure to take into account some fact or other which was not then known? 

Geminis love a mental challenge, and Libra gives it to them.  But when the Twins try that Mercurial double-talk on Libra, it doesn't always put them ahead.  It can put them somewhere in the middle, occasionally even shortly behind center. 

The childish charisma of Gemini can cause the Twins to do magical things, like speaking the name of a druid twenty-seven times when a star is falling… hitching imaginary rides on the backs of friendly squirrels and grasshoppers… and looking for diamonds among roses blossoming in he snow.  Libra doesn't normally care to waste time with such nonsense.  In direct contradiction to their optimistic sweetness and their cheerful, sunny-yellow beaming faces, they are coldly logical. 

But there you are again!  When you image one face of Libra, it will be fed back to you, through the polarity mentality of the Scales, or its opposite face.  What Librans seek is the Golden Mean.  Gemini doesn't care at all for the Golden Mean of arriving at a perfect balance.  It is the traveling itself, not the destination, that the Twins enjoy.  Both Gemini and Libra would be happier with themselves, and with each other, if they would try
feeling much more and thinking much less. 

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