famed Owl and the Pussycat, except that they are a Crab and a Virgin.  But no matter, because the whole purpose of the sail in the moonlight in the pea-green boat, is harmony, whatever the astrological or otherwise identity of the occupants.  You can be sure they'll take along some honey (and honey cakes) for Cancer to nibble on - a small guitar for Virgo to strum while the Crab sings crazy limericks to mournful songs of yesterday - and definitely lots of MONEY - not only to rhyme with honey but also because Cancerians consider a stash of cash - whether 'wrapped-up in a five-pound note,' securely tied inside a paper bag, combination-locked in a safe, buried in a bank or in a sandpile in the backyard - an absolute necessity of life, having a slight priority edge over air to breathe, but not necessarily over things to eat and drink.  The latter run a neck-and-neck race with money for the attention of typical rabs during their entire lifetime.  Tagging along as a close third are babies and children of assorted ages and sizes. 

The Virgo in the pea-green boat won't mind the mellow mood music.  But as for the jars of honey and honey cakes Cancer brings along on any trip these two might decide to risk together, Virgo will probably nag and complain that the space taken by the Crab's goodies doesn't leave any room for Virgo's Vick's salve, Tums for the tummy, Excedrin and Pepto Bismol - let alone Virgo's vitamins and wheat germ. 

They may also quarrel a bit querulously over Virgo's grumbles that honey cakes are not as vital a Life Preserver as pure bee pollen, since the latter is good for anything from promoting no cavities, to the prevention of baldness, gaining and losing weight (both) and, in general, for keeping fine and fit in every sense.  Therefore, the Crab may have to leave a few dozen honey cakes behind, so there'll be a sizeable niche on the dinghy to contain Virgo's imported pure pollen from the buzzing Wyeth honeycombs of New England - or the Wilton, Connecticut, Edward Weiss colonies of cheerful, thriving bees who happily hum on Whipstick Road.  Most Virgo pure pollen freaks know about Wyeth and Weiss because, when it comes to much serious matters, the Virgins are more than a mite choosy, even downright fussy about where they obtain the P.P. for their P.H. (Perfect Health).  They demand the best.  They may be stingy about other things, but not when their own personal well-being is concerned.  If they should happen to become ill, they might be unable to go to work, for which inexcusable behaviour they'd punish themselves with a heavy fine and six months of solitary.  Most Virgos have a sense of responsibility toward their jobs that nearly amounts to an obsession (although Crabs are apt to see this fetish as a shining virtue). 

However, as already noted, Virgo won't mind plunking the guitar to harmonize with Cancer's serene solos under the Full Moon.  Also, despite these few possible squabbles over honey cakes versus the pollen, neither will Virgo object to the Crab's taking along 'plenty of money' anywhere they may be heading as a team.  In fact, the Virgin will quite likely bring along a few duffle bags of the stuff himself (or herself) because the fear of financial ruin - the specter of poverty - is almost perfectly matched in Cancer and Virgo.  It's a toss-up which one of them values money more.  Or rather, which one of them values more the assurance that it will never be lacking. 

Virgo and Cancer together create a beautiful healing vibration.  These two, when they join their auras, hands and hearts in any sort of mutual venture, possess the magic cure to many of the mental, emotional and physical ills that plague all Earthlings.  Except their own.  Alone, both of them are inclined to brood themselves into severe depression or chronic sickness.  Together, they can be very helpful by way of preventing a curing in each other such emotional and mental gloominess, as well as all their mutual assorted aches and pains and other complaints. 

This is the markedly friendly 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern influence, allowing the Virgin and the Crab, however amusing and odd they may appear to others, to feel perfectly right and natural to themselves, as they stroll along the seashore or through the woods to Grandma's house (Virgo's Grandma - then they'll stop by to chat with Cancer's Mama).  The symbolic image is kind of giggly.  Imagine the Crab, slightly waddling

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