Now, this doesn't mean that every Scorp has to come on like Dracula.  Many of these men and women have undeniably sweet and pleasant personalities.  They're interesting, intelligent and courteous.  But shy, insecure and defenseless, they are not - and Aries should not allow himself or herself to be fooled by their gentle voices, their unobtrusive demeanor and lack of surface aggression.  In this association, it's always wise to remember that the elements of Fire and Water are combining, and each has the latent ability to destroy the other, which is explained in more detail on the section called 'The Elements' at the back of this book, and in various other chapters dealing with the Fire and Air Sign compatibilities. 

I know a Scorpio man who married a Scorpio girl, after a long (and naturally secret) engagement.  When Herb and Donna's first baby arrived in April, my initial impulse was to offer to adopt the child.  A tiny Ram, under the restrictive dominance of
two Scorps?  Little Joshua must be rescued, I told myself, before his Mars ego is completely crushed.  But the truth is, that Aries Joshua has benefited tremendously from the quiet discipline, and intuitive wisdom of his double Pluto-ruled parents.  An evolved and enlightened pair of Eagles is an excellent example of moral courage and personal integrity for a Mars youngster, who needs and wants guidance in the right direction.  Scorps are perfect teachers of will power and stability to an explosive Ram, who tends to explode in a burst of enthusiasm, then lose interest before the sparks have settled. 

There is always, of course, the danger that Pluto power exercised over Mars will be too severe.   A Ram of any age may be dampened by Scorpio's Water element caution into becoming the sheep-type Arien, unnaturally introverted and self-effacing, which is definitely not desirable, because it's a denial of the Mars birthright.  In the happier Aries-Scorpio associations, however, the Ram will respond beautifully to the strength of the Eagle friend, neighbour, relative, business associate, lover or mate, and try to imitate the Pluto poise, which is a decided positive result of this blend.  Just so, the Scorpio half of the team tries to develop more elasticity of viewpoint, in relation to the Ram's more open nature, and far more free and friendly approach to life.  The emotional coldness Scorpio can project at times is capable of breaking the warm Aries heart, as well as his (or her) spirit, and self-confidence. 

There will be occasional moments when the Scorpio's penetrating gaze of angry disapproval, or thwarted will, can be downright spooky to an Aries, causing the Ram to inwardly quake, never mind his or her Mars rulership.  I know a Scorpio father who, when he was frustrated beyond further discussion by the contrariness of his three sons (one of them an Aries), would simply grow stone-silent for a few seconds, then speak, in a sepulchral voice, the ominous Pluto words:  I'll remember this.  It's rather a healthy idea for all Rams involved with Scorpions to remember
that.  Meaning, the Eagle will never forget an injury.  Never.  Nor will the Scorp man, woman or child ever forget an act of love or kindness.  It's much safer and happier to give them the memory of the latter, and avoid the former, whenever possible. 

Some Scorpions become slaves to their own wills.  So much so that the Eagle will persist in a purpose, even when it's become obvious that the continuation of a certain course will surely lead to self-destruction.  Aries well understands that kind of intense, later-regretted compulsion. 

But Aries is a Positive Fire Sign - the reckless, Mars-driven crusader, stirred emotionally by dedication to a cause, and the excitement of a dangerous mission.  Scorpio is a Negative Water Sign - the seasoned veteran, possessing a deep sense of realities and the strength to endure hardships, with no illusions about the glamour of marching bands, uniforms and decorations for bravery.  Their strategies are very different.  Aries
defends fiercely, in the front lines.   Scorpio attacks suddenly, unexpectedly, from the rear.  At war, these two Sun Signs are natural enemies.  Peace is better - and it begins with Love. 

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