Now, let's see him find a way to get even with me!  I thought.  He did. 

The following week, I received several phone calls from his various teachers, reporting incorrigible behaviour from Mike in school, and an absolute refusal to do his homework assignments.  Then, fortunately, I finally remembered that I'm an astrologer.  The ban on sweets and bad food was lifted.  His allowance was not only restored but increased. 

"Michael," I said to him, gently this time and softly, "I trust you to know better than anyone else what's and for your body, and soul - and what's good for it.  You are ruled by Pluto, the wisest, as well as the most powerful planet in the entire solar system.  I'm sorry I shouted at you before.  It's just that (here, I became somewhat calculating, I must admit), well, it just that it hurts me to hear all those kids at school calling you 'Whale.'  That's not the right kind of nickname for an
Eagle.  I know it's affectionate, butů"  I trailed off, unable any longer to fill in the growing silence between us.  This time, along with his silent stare, he answered me with a faint, mysterious smile.  Inwardly, I shuddered. 

I don't expect my readers to believe what happened next, because if I hadn't seen it with my own Aries eyes, I wouldn't have believed it myself.  This determined Scorpion-Eagle, whose inner strength and integrity had at last been recognized, actually began to make
his own green salads after school, without the slightest hint from me - refused all desserts, munched apples and chewed on tangerines between meals, and stuck to a diet that would starve Yogi.  Miraculously, his secret closet cache of candy bars disappeared.  All this without a single additional word from me, and with a steely will power that was honestly frightening. 

His reward was a series of weekly karate lessons, where his instructors marveled at his robust health, not to mention his 'Scorpio death grip'
he taught them.  He had no desire for a black belt, however.  He just wanted the training a warning to the school bullies, instinctively knowing the power of suggestion.  Karate is excellent training for young Scorps, by the way.  It instills in them courtesy, respect for authority, and most important of all, it stresses defense, rather than attack

Within two months, no one was calling the Eagle 'Whale' anymore.  His new nickname, dictated by Scorpio himself, has become MOE - and his friends would not call him anything else.  Certainly, this humbled Ram would not dare.  MOE stands for 'Master of Eternity.'  That figures with Pluto.  MOE then organized a group of his closest friends into an organization called the PEARLS (the meaning is secret, and I have no hope of ever learning it), who are dedicated to defending younger children and the elderly from all manner of Manhattan muggers. 

That's what can happen when an impulsive, bossy Ram handles an Eagle of
any age, or any sex, with proper respect.  An invaluable lesson for the Aries person, when dealing with a Scorp, in this 6-8 influenced association. 

With a Pluto person, Aries shouldn't expect to find the fairness of Libra, the compassion of Pisces or the warm generosity of Leo.  He (or she) may even find a basic selfishness exceeding that of Capricorn, if not that of the Ram himself (or herself). 

But Scorpio is intensely loyal, and never compromises principle.  This makes a big hit with the Ram, who, is also fiercely loyal, and who has an equal contempt for the compromising of ideals or integrity.  Scorpio never gives in, never admits defeat.  Aries is likewise dedicated fiercely to winning.  Only sissies give up, and give in.  Everybody knows that.  These two certainly know it. 

Yet, there's another Scorpio quality, intangible, indefinable, that Aries finds impossible to fathom.  Is it will power?  Or is it, simply -
will?  It is the latter, and it's responsible for the strong, emotionally charged aura surrounding even the quietest, apparently harmless, Scorpions. 

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