expression is improving. 

My Aries friend felt a warm glow, as if he had received praise from on high.  He had.  So he ventured to remark, "Listen, about your being born in November…" 

Scorp glanced up from the IBM Selectric Correctional, threw him a hypnotic stare through the gathering steam in the air (from Fire and Water) and said, "Yes? 
What about it?"  The Ram then murmured, "Oh, nothing, Molly.  Nothing at all.  I was just wondering what to get you for your birthday…" 

Now, if you know anything about astrology, you know that's not a typical reaction from an Aries employer.  Or any other kind of Aries person.  Rams don't back down for anyone. 

Strangely, a Ram won't normally push ahead immediately with a Scorpio, as he or she will with those born under all other Sun Signs.  There's something about those compelling Pluto eyes, reflecting a quiet poise and hidden strength, that flashes a message to the Ram:  Beware. 
This still water runs deep.  And it can drown you.  You're only a paper Ram, and a Ram is a member of the sheep family.  You're out of your element with me.  You're in the big ocean now, way over your head, full of sharks, seaweed, odd nocturnal creatures, hidden reefs and mystery. 

That's where all Scorpios originally came from - the sea.  If they're also found in the desert these days, the burning sands are no less a strange territory to Rams. 

Aries instinctively absorbs the message, which is 'danger.'  Ah, DANGER!  It's the one word that will excite the Ram to action, so the initial caution is soon replaced by the Mars forward charge, rising to meet the challenge thrown down.  It's almost always a mistake.  When it comes to an actual showdown, a Ram is tougher, louder and more emphatic than a Scorpion.  But when things get to that point, the typical Scorpion will simply disappear, wrapped in aloof silence, leaving Aries to ponder the same old mystery.  Did he (or she) leave in recognition of defeat - or because I went too far?  In other words, even if you appear to win with a Scorpio, you'll never be sure.  You'll always have to guess. 

It doesn't take many experiences for the average Ram t learn that the best method for dealing with a Scorpio is cooperation - at a safe and respectful emotional distance.  The intimacies of romance are something else.  Here, we're dealing with the general vibrations of this 6-8 Sun Sign Pattern between Aries and Scorpio in a business, friendship or family relationship. 

Examples of the Aries-Scorpio interaction are always valid, whatever the sex or the age of the Ram and the Eagle involved, and so, the following may be aptly and helpfully applied to any Mars-Pluto association in which the reader may be involved, by simply changing the names and the specific situation. 
The basics remain

One summer, a few years previous to this time of writing, I noticed my 10-year old Scorpio son was becoming markedly plump (well, all right, fat) and also lazy, from consuming the typical childhood diet of ice cream, cake, candy, soda pop and the nutritional poison from fast food chains - using his allowance to buy the 'forbidden fruit.'  (
Actual fruit, you can't get some kids to eat.  It must be forbidden.) 

"Michael," I commanded rather loudly and angrily, with Mars firmness and directness, "you will stop eating that junk, and you will stop now.  Immediately.  No more sweets will be brought into your room, and hidden on your closet shelf.  Nor will you secretly fudge any more Eskimo Pies and chocolate Wing Dings with your allowance.  Do you
understand that?  Do you hear me?" 

His answer was total silence.  Within two weeks, he gained ten additional pounds.  I then cut off his allowance, every penny of it, to punish him. 

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