Quite often, they find out because most of us are so surprised to be asked something like, "Did you ever fill balloons with water and drop them out the window when you were small?" that we answer immediately, without thinking twice.  Only Sagittarius has more curiosity than Aquarius.  (Leo and Scorpio are curious too, but it's a more controlled kind of curiosity.)  There's a difference between 'gossip' or 'snooping' (as I mentioned a couple of paragraphs back) and the Uranus curiosity.  An Aquarian won't give two safety pins about why a neighbour has been married six times or what his bank balance may be - but she or he will unexpectedly ask why he painted his house pink, if he ever kept a pet snake, what he thinks about cloning, or if he ever earned a free ticket to the circus by carrying water to the elephants.  It's difficult to define. 

Most Pisces don't ask outright questions.  Their guesses and psychic perceptions are usually so revealing they don't need to query much.  The Uranian hunches and natural intuition should allow the Water Bearer to guess just as effectively as Pisces, in silence, but Aquarians like to cover their bets and submit everything, including their own estimates, to a blue-litmus paper test.  The Aquarian Fixity again, you see.  They need to be sure that what they feel or sense is reliable - so they test it by asking. 

There are many quirks and qualities Aquarius and Pisces have in common.  Yet, there are also a few marked differences.  Neptune folk are, for example, dreamy.  Uranus folk dream too, but in a wilder, more crisscross pattern.  The Fish likes art, music, and poetry, or most of them do.  The Water Bearer likes these things too, but many prefer graphics or graffiti to a Goya, a xylophone or a hand organ, complete with monkey, to an ordinary piano - and the limericks of Lear or the fanciful trips of e.e. cummings to heavies like Wordsworth or sentimentalists like Browning. 

These two will also probably lose their tempers differently.  When Pisces becomes angry, he or she either spills out a stream of irritable words - or measures out a few soft-spoken, but clearly disapproving sentences, then retreats in watery silence to the ocean floor, which frustrates the Aquarian, who can't understand this way of coping with a disagreement.  The Uranus way of meeting a misunderstanding is to explode quickly (and unpredictably) a few flashes of lightning and claps of thunder, expecting the storm to clear the air, then be forgotten.  But Pisces remembers unpleasantness a bit longer than a few moments, and needs time to meditate alone before swimming back out from behind the coral reefs. 

On the subject of money, they are more or less alike.  Some Aquarians carefully count every single penny they earn or spend - then promptly proceed to forget the total.  Pisces is equally confused about cash.  The Fish frequently keeps a bank balance in his (or her) head, on the back of an envelope - or on the wall, near the telephone.  However, if they both should have the Moon or Ascendant in Virgo, they'll behave like regular human calculators, these two.  Of course, we're studying the average or typical Water Bearer and Fish, as with all the Sun Signs, but I feel I should keep reminding you of the exceptions, whose other planetary positions dilute the Sun Sign qualities either a little or a lot.  There won't be as many of these as there are of the typical ones, but you'll come across them, scattered here and there.  Still, when you scratch the surface, you'll find the basic qualities described pertaining to their Sun Signs, in one form or another, stamped upon the subconscious, if not on the conscious level. 

In helping Aquarius understand how to comprehend and cope with the Fish, astrology would counsel great amounts of gentleness, peace, and quiet. And imagination.  The Neptune-ruled are easily made nervous by a lack of tranquility, and they need also constant abstract mental stimulation.  A check of Webster's definition of 'abstract' would be constructive. 

In helping Pisces understand how to comprehend and cope with Aquarius, I would personally advise memorization of an observation by Aquarian Abraham Lincolnů "they do what they do because they are

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