the way, typifies the Water-Air blend I just mentioned, so it was an excellent and appropriate setting for the Holmes mysteries.  With the unconventional, yet ultramethodical, Aquarian following the Piscean's Neptune hunches, solving the 'Great Train Robbery,' the 'Great Jewel Theft, ' or the 'Secret of Goldenrod Lane' would be a piece of cake.  It doesn't matter whether the Pisces is a male, the Aquarian a female - or vice versa.  Neither the age nor the sex of this team changes the potential for penetrating the unknown. 

I know an Aquarian-Pisces couple who are a sort of private man-and-wife detective team, in a sense.  Ray is a Ph.D., toxicologist, a professor at Indiana State University, and also one of the world's foremost Lincoln scholars - an Aquarian who walks around with a microscope under one arm and a test tube tucked under the other, always misplacing his pencil behind his ear.  She's a gentle, very pretty girl Fish, named Gus (for Augusta).  Aquarian males often nickname their females with tags like George or Sam (makes them seem more like 'buddies'), but this one's nickname is for real.  Her sensitive feelings and uncanny perception blend beautifully with his disciplined attention to detail and his undisciplined flashes of intuition.  When these two clink their heads together, they can find an answer to most anything that puzzling to ordinary mortals.  Sometimes their everyday magic stretches into a miracle, like the time they helped locate a missing child, alleged to be dead, for a close friend. 

When the Fish and the Water Bearer get together in a mixture of boy-boy, girl-girl, boy-girl, or any other combination (Aquarius being the astrological sign of the unisex), they will deviate slightly from the normal in their behaviour with one another, not to mention in their combined behaviour toward others.  Whether they're found soaring and swimming around in an office, a church, a museum, a home, or a classroom, these two are really something to behold. 

Stamped with the 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern, Aquarius should sense there's something she or he should learn from Pisces, but Aquarians, you see, usually believe they already know most everything.  The Water Bearer could, however, benefit from imitating the patience possessed by the typical Fish, since Aquarius has very little of the stuff.  Pisces should react to the 2-12 vibration of their association with a sympathetic tolerance for the fancies and foibles, the eccentricities of Aquarius, and most Fish do - but some of them may react with nervousness to the Uranus disregard for public opinion.  By nature, Pisceans tend to go out of their way to try to please people, whereas Aquarians are not bothered in the least if they please absolutely no one. 

One matter which may be difficult to harmonize is the Neptunian tendency to be secretive, always keeping back a little something.  This can drive the average Aquarian right up the curtains.  Ordinarily, a Water Bearer is not interested in other people's personal or private lives, Aquarius being the least likely of all Sun Signs to gossip, barring an afflicted Mercury in the horoscope.  Under average conditions, these people are not super snoopy.  But this man or woman is tempted and tantalized by deliberate elusiveness, and should this occur, out will come the spyglass, and the secret will be both perused and pursued.  Aquarius simply cannot stand for Pandora's Box to remain locked - once the Water Bearer has
noticed it's locked. 

When it comes to the riddles or puzzles of life in general (or of people in particular), the Fish and the Water Bearer will delight in guessing the answers together, whether it's why a fly must buzz in circles before it's able to take off and fly in a straight line (a secret of energy, which hides a mystery of human emotion within it) or why those people across town are building a house in the shape of a pyramid.  Aquarius will pop his or her head right in the window and ask.  Pisces will hang back a few paces (the typical Fish wouldn't dare intrude in such a manner with strangers) but be filled with curiosity and excitement to learn what the Water Bearer has discovered through the Uranian casual, yet direct, approach.  These Aquarians will walk right up to people and ask the most astounding questions.  They're not intentionally rude - they simply want to know. 

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